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February 28, 2018 10:14 pm
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The CEO of Vero opens up about the app’s SKETCHY terms of service and addresses user concerns

And when we say sketchy, we mean sketchy AF.

Vero has gone from an app that no one ever heard of, to the number one app in the App Store seemingly overnight. Fans were drawn to Vero’s likeness to Instagram and Facebook, with the bonus of the app having ZERO ads, and allowing users to share pictures, URLs, texts, music, and movie and TV recommendations. It also lets you categorize your followers as close friend, friend, or acquaintance. And most importantly, its feed posts things in chronological order.

I’m looking at you, Instagram’s dumb algorithm.

The app received over 500,000 downloads in less that 24 hours, and it has already exceeded the 1 million download mark as of today.

Of course, Vero seemed too good to be true to some skeptics, which lead a number of people to do some digging into the app’s Terms of Service, which showed some SKETCHY red flags.

One user pointed out upon signing up, Vero users grant the app license to ALL of their content–including their name, voice and likeness.

It it me or is this starting to sound like the plotline of a “Get Out” sequel?

The backlash came swift for the app, and not only did the Terms of Service make fans re-think their choice to download Vero, there were also plenty of technical snafus that came with so many people downloading the app at once. One person even claimed that Vero is clearly in its “beta” phase.

This all lead to the founder of Vero, Lebanese billionaire heir Ayman Hariri, to speak with Mashable and address all of these concerns. He told the outlet of the shady Terms of Service agreement QUOTE, “What’s asked of users is to provide a license to Vero to display your content without them going around saying, ‘All users that see my photos need to pay me because it’s my content…My attitude toward creators is I’m in awe of all them. I would never consider just because they placed their content on my platform that I have the rights and ownership of them.”

Hariri also had his legal team tidy up the terms of service with language that doesn’t make it sound like the app owns you.

And let me guess, Hariri would have also voted for Obama for a third term if he could.

Hariri also spoke about how the app’s goal is to create a “true” social experience, with interactions between users mimicking real-life interactions more than other social media apps do, saying QUOTE, “The greatest social network is the one that interacts between people. We’re trying to create one that is the most natural. That is the most sustainable emotionally.”

Hariri also claimed that the first million downloaders of the app will have Vero for free for life, meanwhile everyone else will eventually be paying what Hariri calls a “small” subscription fee.

A subscription fee called YOUR BRAIN PUT INSIDE SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY okay I’m done.

Alright guys now I wanna know what YOU think of Hariri’s comments–are you down with Vero, or are you gonna delete it from your phone and GET OUT while you still can? Sound off in the comments below, and then click right over here to get the full details on why Vero is shady AF. Thanks so much for watching, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button! I’m your girl Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time!

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