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October 27, 2017 5:53 pm
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If I was Camila Cabello right now my ego would be the size of this studio. Cuz dang she is loved!

Everyone wants to jam with Camila Cabello! Including… Niall Horan! Niall is vibing with Camila’s new Single, Havana, so much that he went on Instagram live and sang and rapped along while he played her song and WHILE Camila was live commenting on his video. So everyone freaked out. I’m freaking out just retelling the story. This blew his loving tweet about Katy Perry out of the ballpark, because in this video he told her he loved her, that he wants to sing with her. The crush was real. Watch the video but take a look at the comments! She’s all over them.

Yall, we just witnessed the birth of a collab. And he looked hella sexy. Niall’s got swag. And Camila was looooving it. At around a minute and 30 seconds in Mila starts writing “Niall, seriously. Congrats on your album. You’re killing it. Love for real.” With a HEART emoji! “I love your new music.” And that’s when this happened.

He said love. He also called her bud, though. So maybe they really are just friends. Now, Horan isn’t the only musician sending praises her way for her hit song via the Gram. John Mayer did a whole video just about his fascination with her hair!

She was dropping her comments in there too, including “No, my hair WAS super messy.” “LMFAO” and “Ok I’m leaving bye.” Was that flirting? Is that what that was? Niall and John have very different game. Who’s was stronger? Did yall think these guys were flirting with her or just bantering like buddies?? Let me know below or comment on my OWN Instagram cuz yes reading your comments is what I do every night before going to sleep or occasionally while I’m killing time at Clevver. @Miriam_isa, @Miriamisa on Twitter. Thanks for hanging out with me you guys! I’m your girl Miriam Isa. Have a happy weekend!

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