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September 21, 2018 1:43 am
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Cardi B may be releasing a Nicki Minaj diss track soon. Plus – Nicki Minaj new clothing collaboration may have been inspired by her fight with Cardi B. #CardiB #NickiMinaj #Maroon5

Cardi B’s best pal Star Brim is getting out of Federal prison soon according to the rapper. The two have been best friends ever since their stripping days, and Star surrendered to authorities in June to serve time on wire fraud charges. The 25-year-old rap superstar reposted a pic of Star on Sept 18 in her prison sweats, showing off that her massive booty has held up just fine behind bars with the exciting caption “@star_brim5 will be home soon.” Cardi didn’t detail exactly when Star will be released, but it’s a quick turnaround as she was facing up to 15 years behind bars.

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Star Brim Getting Out Of Prison: Cardi B Reveals Her BFF ‘Will Be Home Soon’

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Cardi B Making A Nicki Minaj Diss Track | Hollywoodlife



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